Marketing & Talent Coach
Management & Consulting, Marketing, Sales & Accountmanagement, Training, Educatie & Coaching
  • Beschikbaarheid Bespreekbaar
  • Soort contract ZZP, Tijdelijk projectcontract
  • Opleidingniveau Universiteit | WO
  • Ervaringsniveau Directeur
  • Branche kennis ICT, Zorg | Welzijn
  • Talenkennis Nederlands, Engels
  • Gewenst tarief | salaris €45 tot €60 per uur
  • Maximale reisafstand Max. 50 km
  • Referenties aanwezig Ja
  • Telefoonnummer 0654380058

My career to date has predominantly been in Marketing, focusing on the creation, execution and management of programs for both the end customer and partner, with a focus on B2B. The most recent corporate role that I have done was with Gartner (CEB). Here I developed and implemented a partnership business model, marketing content portal, e-learning platform for partners, marketing and lead generation programs, re-brand, education/training, product launches, lead generation process and marketing automation system selection and implementation. 


My success to date has resulted through my ‘work with’ attitude, virtual teaming across the business where necessary whether, Sales, HR, Product, Technical, Channel, Customer Service, to ensure programs and initiatives are a commercial success. 

I believe that I am quite unusual in the marketing community, in that anything I do is driven from a place of commercial realism and results, with sales and marketing alignment paramount. Marketing strategy, plans and actions are focused on the entire marketing discipline not just marketing communications and branding. 


To give you a snapshot my skills overview:

Marketing Planning
Project Management
Social Media Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Team Leadership
Business  Coach

Wellness Coach

Lead generation & Funnel management
Partner/Channel Marketing
Customer & Account Management
Marketing Operations and Automation
Product Launch
Native English fluent in Dutch


From a personal perspective, Iam a natural communicator with a personal and human approach that’s appeals to both customer and partner communities alike.  I am an agile change agent who brings creativity for commercial benefit and who has a talent for creating harmony even in times of preconception and negativity. A born organizer, planner and multi-tasker, who has the ability to take a holistic view to identify bottlenecks or issues. A fun and warm character that brings a blend of inspiration and education to bring about desired action and results, underpinned by stability and flexibility with constant enthusiasm to learn and develop self and other.


Most importantly I believe my proven commercial agility, creative/technical/communicative strengths plus warm open and fun personality, will prove to be a great asset both internal and external to an organisation.


You will notice that I recently followed my passion to start my own business, which I am proud to say I have been successful in. However on balance I really miss the buzz of the business world, particularly colleagues and partners, thus the drive to make contact to seek an exciting new challenge.