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Gepubliceerd op 3 januari 2018
Reageren tot 14 januari 2018
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Locatie Nederland
Start datum 14 januari 2018
Eind datum 14 juli 2018
Opleidingsniveau HBO
Ervaringsniveau Senior
Branche Financiële dienstverlening
Verlenging Onbekend

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Within one of our agile Integrations/API teams, responsible for eitherdelivering new integration solutions or replacing legacy integration solutions globally, you perform the role of sr. BizTalk developer and potentiallycross-skill yourself on the Axway API management platform to increase theagility of the team.
You’re pro-active, able to speak up and share your opinion and challenge theother team members in a constructive and positive way.
You have a passion to improve and optimize solutions and processes. You’reflexible and can handle changing priorities.
The integration developer takes care of the implementation of the integrationsolutions and is knowledgeable about the features and capabilities of BizTalk,Webservices APIs.
He/She consults with the EBS specialists (SDC and TE) to determine varioustechnical requirements based on the functional design for the solution. Theserequirements are then mapped into the Technical design which is the blueprintfor the development.
He/She works with the EBS Solution design consultants and technical experts tocome to an implementation which adheres to the architecture and guidelines.
Your function
The candidate is experienced in:
-Technical Design: Responsible for designing the technical implementationaccording to the guidelines and coding standards.
-Development: Responsible for developing maintainable solutions according tostandards and guidelines.
-Technical Analysis: They also identify relevant technology solutions toovercome the technical issues/challenges and assuring the realization of design.

Key Responsibilities
– Deliver your deliverables in an agile way, according to priorities as set bythe product owner.
– Keep a track on integration projects and ensure that they meet businessrequirements, match the integration architecture and project goals
– Fulfill the end user requirements
– Identify and resolve the system issues in a maintainable fashion
– Making recommendation of the integration products and services by carryingout proper researches
– Work with the analysts, system designers, and business owners to lead in theintegration testing phase
– Communicate with the software developers and engineers of connected systemsto address any problem in the program logic and create correct interfacing
– Checking for any issues with the operation of the new applications with theexisting system software and applications
– Minimizing the impact of integration on various existing processes
– Continuously identify improvement opportunities and help the team as a wholeto improve
Your profile/Key Skills
An application integration specialist must have excellent analytical andresearch skills.
He must also be in touch with the current technologies and have a soundknowledge of the same.
Microsoft BizTalk Server (2013R2 – 2006)
Minimum five to ten years of experience of application integration anddevelopment using Services, API’s, SOA, BizTalk, REST, SOAP .NET Programming, and frameworks
Expert in the use of Visual Studio, TFS, BizTalk tooling
Knowledge about various architectures and protocols such as MOM, XSLT, SOA,EDA, REST, XML, FTP, WSDL, and SOAP
Affinity with SOA architectures
Knowledgeable in SOA messaging and concepts
Knowledge about secure transmissions (signing, encryption), digitalcertificates, and PKI
Expert in integration techniques (Restful, SOAP, JSON, XSD, XSL(T), etc)
Knowledge of API management platforms is a big pre, preferably Axway.

Human relations skills
You’re eager to deliver and improve
You feel comfortable challenging your team members, asking for help andpro-actively bringing in ideas.
Interaction with other people demands understanding, providing support and/orinfluencing. Persuasion and reasoning are mainly based on technical knowledge.
Must be able to work in a global team and act as a team member  

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