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Gepubliceerd op 22 juni 2022
Reageren tot 23 juni 2022
Reacties Zichtbaar voor PRO
Locatie Rijswijk
Start datum Zo snel mogelijk
Eind datum 29 december 2023
Aantal uur 36 uur, 40 uur
Soort contract ZZP inhuur contract, Payroll contract
Opleidingsniveau HBO, WO
ZZP tarief € 45 Bespreekbaar per uur
Salaris €2.000 - 2.500 per maand
Branche Zakelijke dienstverlening, Telecom

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Opdracht: Projectondersteuner | PMO

Locatie: Rijswijk
Startdatum: z.s.m
Duur: 29-12-2023
Optie op verlenging: ja
Uren per week: 36 – 40 uur
ZZP mogelijk: ja

Reageren voor 23 juni, 16.00u.


Taken en verantwoordelijkheden Projectondersteuner | PMO

Acts as a right hand for project and programme managers for larger/more complex projects. The activities of the PMO are centralized around resource and work planning & control, budget management, change management, reporting, and product quality control. Works as PMO on larger/more complete projects, applying standard Project Delivery Framework (PDF) standard techniques to plan, execute, monitor, control, and close all aspects of the project lifecycle. Anticipates risks and assists PM to capture, address (where possible) and track risks and issues. Actively maintains change logs. Examines project documentation/data for completeness and accuracy. Follows up with project team members as required. Designs and produces more complex project reports, ensuring that status reporting is fit for purpose, complete, timely, accurate, and communicated effectively. Reports into Project Manager.

Job Description:

The PMO acts as a right hand of project and programme managers. The activities of the PMO are centralized around resource and work planning & control, budget management, change management, reporting, and product quality control. This role may also include leading a small team of junior program control services members: schedule and assign work, set objectives, ensure quality, and provide motivation and feedback on performance.

  • Understand the Project Delivery Framework (PDF) and how to apply both Waterfall and Agile project delivery methodologies within the framework.
  • Understand the key elements required to set up an IT project and work closely with PMs and other parties to ensure smooth set up. Ensure PDF compliance through setting up appropriate repositories and data entries, maintaining quality data, and making sure that required deliverables are created, reviewed and approved.
  • Produce project reports and ensure that status reporting is fit for purpose, complete, timely, accurate, and communicated effectively.
  • Capture and track risks and issues. Maintain change logs.
  • Examine project documentation/data for completeness and accuracy.
  • Effectively use tools like Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Project, Visio), PPM, and required templates to create and manage project deliverables.
  • Define and implement the PMO environment and toolset which is fit for purpose for a project. Ensures effective usage of the toolset and that adequate processes, assurance, reporting, communication, data, etc. are in place.
  • Support the PM to define, sequence, and estimate resources, activities, and durations to develop a baseline schedule. Track and manage activity progress, dependencies and deviations.
  • Support the PM to manage the resource plan, for example, through initiating project resource requests to suppliers and monitoring timecards.
  • Support the PM to create a project budget and work through approval processes to agree the budget. Track, report on, and reconcile actual costs and revenues across the project lifecycle.
  • Proactively ensure project Assurance compliance.
  • Facilitate project meetings and track minutes and actions.
  • Coordinate mandatory reviews and audits on schedule and according to procedure. Track resultant recommendations and actions necessary to address shortcomings.
  • Facilitate meetings to ensure that projects are formally closed and, where appropriate, subsequently reviewed, and that lessons learned are captured and actioned.
  • Onboard new Project Managers to the Project Delivery Framework.
  • Manage the logistics and operations of the project Governance structure. Support the PM to generate effective reporting and presentation material.
  • Advance IT discipline in PDF adoption through coaching others in its effective application. Support PM and PMO staff to develop the critical skills and characteristics required for success in contingency, cost, resource, schedule, and risk management.
  • Drive contingency management and proactively control project costs and schedule through understanding and monitoring project risks and managing project resources and scope.
  • Develop and drive standard processes for cost/resource/schedule/risk management across large programme(s) and/or portfolio(s). [Unique Characteristics of the Posting] [completed by hiring manager] Special Challenges:
  • Act as an empowered partner with the PM and be confident in speaking up and intervening.
  • Supply Chain Specialist
  • Advertising & PR Skills with Economics as education background preferably
  • Exposure to UX [design including prototype and Wireframe


    Pls submit resume in English and Word format only.

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