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Gepubliceerd op 7 maart 2022
Reageren tot 10 maart 2022
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Locatie Den Haag
Start datum 1 april 2022
Eind datum 31 december 2022
Aantal uur 40 uur
Soort contract ZZP inhuur contract, Payroll contract
Opleidingsniveau WO, HBO
Verlenging Ja

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Typical activities are around program management, help the business to define their plan, help to execute the plan, working closely with business leads and ITM’s to collect their ER critical processes (surveys, workshops etc), help to prioritise and sequence, work with IDSO on translating the business needs in recovery plans, etc Im looking for a seasoned snr PM, strong stakeholder mngt, experience with complex/sensitive environment (e.g. balancing multiple requests/priorities from the various businesses), strong preference for NL based because of timezone and stakeholder proximity. The program will run for the whole of 2022 and has high visibility both of IT LT as well as on the business side

You will be expected to: 

• Agree and deliver a body of work, organised into programmes, projects and workstreams to agreed time, cost, quality, risk and benefit profiles, delivered within company standards and controls framework;

• Proactively analyse variances against plan to assess trends threatening agreed scope, time, cost, and quality commitments. Identify signs that a project may be at risk and take appropriate action;

• Engage internal and external stakeholders such as users, customers or suppliers to fully benefit from the delivered products, services and changes;

• Develop and execute appropriate change and engagement plans to achieve necessary behaviour changes in order to maximise benefits;

• Align expectations and ensure that the decision-making of stakeholders happen in a timely and effective manner;

• Mobilise and lead teams composed of a mixture of staff and suppliers across organisational boundaries and the natural team. Ensure they have the necessary skills, capacity and experience to achieve the required outcomes;

• Develop the skills of team members through coaching, delegation and providing stretching assignments;

• Understand, assess and embed the right delivery methodologies, considering project and business constraints;

• Assess programme risks as they are encountered and evaluate trade-offs between cost, time, quality, risk and ultimately benefit, continuously managing the business cases of constituent projects and workstreams;

• Ensure that all deliverables, whether software, hardware, processes, products or business change are fit for purpose, meet all relevant requirements and are effectively transitioned to support and business-as-usual; and

• Ensure that the business value intended by the work is explicit, agreed and delivered.

• Plan, execute, monitor, control, and close all aspects of the project lifecycle adhering to the Project Delivery Framework (PDF) methodology;

• Quickly build and leverage relationships with senior sponsors (GM and above) and key stakeholders and understand their priorities. Resolve conflict and deliver tough messages with grace, up to and including EVPs;

• Synthesize new products and services that balance the needs of diverse stakeholders with a compelling business case for a function or Line of Business;

• Deliver within-programme benefits to the Group, delivering value from an early stage;

• Focus and motivate and lead the programme team through periods of uncertainty, while removing barriers so that the team can complete its objectives while managing pressure;

• Create and deliver relevant and impactful communications for diverse audiences (executives, consumers, staff across all Lines of Business);

• Motivate and lead programme team through periods of uncertainty, while removing barriers so that the team can complete its objectives while managing pressure;

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