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Gepubliceerd op 30 december 2021
Reageren tot 6 januari 2022
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Locatie Nederland
Start datum 20 januari 2022
Eind datum 31 december 2022
Aantal uur 36 uur
Soort contract Payroll contract
Opleidingsniveau HBO
Branche Financiële dienstverlening
Verlenging Ja

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About the job:
IT Solutions department is looking for a new Scrum Master. Normally the team works in the office in Utrecht, but due to the current circumstances activities also take place online.
Solutions department is an area which offers payment products for large and medium enterprises. In this area there are a number of squads. Currently there are 5 of these squads working on Trade Renewal. In 2022 these 5 squads will be transforming to 3 squads which work Bus-Dev-Ops. This results in a complex and dynamic work environment in which no day is the same!

As scrum master you are responsible for making sure that the team can perform on its best. Not only about ensuring the Scrum Practices, but also by removing any obstacle or impediment. A scrum master enables the team to improve, adjust and reflect. By keeping the team organized and removing any distractions, the team can focus on what really matters to them. The 3 new squad will work as independent as possible, but there will also be a lot of interaction and working together with the other Trade squads.

In addition, you are a pro-active team player who immediately sees what a team needs to excel. Your focus is on initiating and participating in a continuous improvement process. You support several teams by educating them and helping them control progress on the (software) development process. You are self-aware, you know your unique qualities and you know how to use them as effectively as possible. You should be able to T-shape within the team as per the requirement or when time allows. Some of this 3 new squads are quite big, so the scrummaster will also have a role in helping the PO with all kind of other work, to make sure the squad performs at is best.
Are you a natural facilitator, who can easily connect with different people?

And are you:
• A transparent and clear communicator who is interested in people and their development as individual and team
• Always looking for ways to innovate
• Not afraid to ask critical questions
• Flexible in switching between different communication levels of the organization
• A natural talent for collaboration

Requirements for this position:

• You are an experienced certified (PSM1, PSM2 is a pré) Scrum Master, at least 3 years;
• Having an Agile mindset
• Experience in coaching;
• Experience in giving and receiving feedback in a constructive way;
• Experience is starting a new squad;
• Good overall IT knowledge.

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