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Gepubliceerd op 4 september 2020
Reageren tot 6 september 2020
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Locatie Amsterdam
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Aantal uur 36 uur
Soort contract Payroll contract
Opleidingsniveau HBO
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Data engineer


We are looking for you:

You are passionate about IT, IT Data and management of large clusters. In the field of Data engineering you will be working on projects to leverage on the IT Infrastructure data and help to bring AIOps towards IT Operations. Working in the Global IT Operations, we expect you to be passionate about the IT Infrastructure and all aspects of modern enterprise datacenters. The data and Analytics is a relative new field within the Infrastructure domain and there is a lot of room for experimentation and innovation. You will have a lot of freedom to use your own creativity, however you will be the specialist and person “to go to” for the Hadoop cluster management. Strong focus will be in the setup and getting the analytics clusters operational ready.

Your responsibilities:

  • The data engineer develops, constructs, tests and maintains architectures, such as databases and large-scale processing systems.
  • The data engineers will recommend and implement ways to improve data reliability, efficiency, and quality.
  • The data engineer role requires a significant set of technical skills, including a deep knowledge of SQL/NoSQL, database design and multiple programming languages.
  • Data engineers also need communication skills to work across departments to understand the possible gain from large datasets.
  • Data engineers are responsible to help give easier access to raw data and they need to understand company and client’s objectives.
  • Good understanding of the field of Enterprise Infrastructure, data science, analytics techniques.
  • Support with the Design, analysis and exploration of datasets by using available tools.
  • Bring in ideas to business when data and results are available
  • Implement and maintain IT risk and security controls
  • Understand the need for data governance, however also assist users to understand data science principles and bring forward data literacy

Do you recognize yourself in this profile:

  • Knowledge of data manipulation and transformation, e.g. SQL
  • Hands-on experience building complex data pipelines e.g. ETL
  • Experience in setting up both SQL as well as noSQL databases
  • Affinity with Advanced Analytics, Data Science
  • You have good communication skills at technical and business level.
  • Hands-on experience in using data and continuous delivery tools and pipelines Azure DevOps
  • Hands-on experience in managing and improving Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS platform
  • Programming and scripting languages, e.g. Powershell / C-Sharp
  • Excellent technical understanding of the MS Windows Operating System
  • Affinity with Engineering, Analytics, Reporting and Dashboarding
  • You have good communication skills at technical and business level.


  • You have a learning attitude. Not only to master new technologies, but also on the interpersonal level.
  • You have experience in building data solutions with your full-stack capabilities.
  • You feel at home in a high-performing team and you have the independence to speak up when needed.  
  • You have mature problem-solving capabilities and have the creativity and tenacity in cracking the problem and finding a solution to it. 

MUST: Graag ontvangen wij van jou het volledige CV omschreven in  het NL of ENG en waaruit kennis/ervaring in bovenstaande blijkt, inclusief een motivatie. 

Geef ook in je CV het volgende aan:

Hoeveel uur per week;
Uurtarief ex BTW, inclusief reis- en verblijfkosten of salaris.

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