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Interim Backend Developer #KRTZ8288661

Opdracht informatie (Deze opdracht is verlopen)

Gepubliceerd op 23 maart 2020
Reageren tot 24 maart 2020
Reacties Zichtbaar voor PRO
Locatie Amsterdam
Start datum Zo snel mogelijk
Aantal uur 40 uur
Soort contract ZZP inhuur contract, Payroll contract
Opleidingsniveau HBO, WO
ZZP tarief € 70 per uur
Salaris €4.000 - 4.500 €3.500 - 4.000 per maand
Branche Zakelijke dienstverlening
Verlenging Ja

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Opdracht omschrijving

For one of the clients we are looking for 3 Backend Developers.

About the project:
The project is about redesigning the client’s store operations by identifying a new POS vendor, creating a high-level target architecture and deliver an implementation roadmap (incl. plan, estimations, governance, etc.) to go-live within one physical store in nov-2020. If success, then the ambition is to roll-out to remaining 7000+ stores in 40+ countries. As part of this exercise, we would like to conduct a Proof of Architecture (PoA) for the selected POS system that needs to be embedded in the client’s landscape. Therefore, we would like to propose a core Scrum team to the client to start on 30/3 for at least 6 weeks period to make impact and extend with additional 3 Scrum teams for actual implementation till nov-2020.

– At least 3 years of relevant hands on experience as a backend developer.
– Minimum Bachelor/Master degree
– Build microservices in .NETCore, or Node.js + Typescript
– Understands REST APIs
– Understands DDD, microservice concepts (own database, bounded context, decoupling)
– Understands event driven architecture and message brokering technologies
– Understands various (sync / a-sync) integration methods
– Database concepts (SQL based / document / graph etc)
– Node.js Typescript
– Knowledge on authentication standards like OAuth 2.0, OpenId Connect, SAML, JWT
– Typical developer hygiene standards like unit testing, git, coding standards, PR & code reviews etc.
– Understands GraphQL (/Apollo)
– Azure PaaS => Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure CosmosDB, Azure AD, Azure Keyvault
– Experience with Docker / Kubernetes

Additional information:
• Starting date is 30th March until May with the possibility to extend until the end of November
• Work location is Amsterdam – due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 is remote work possible (because of the increasing travel and flight restriction the preference is to look for candidates that are currently based in the Netherlands).
• Language: English (Dutch is not required)

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