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Gepubliceerd op 28 juli 2022
Reageren tot 1 augustus 2022
Reacties Zichtbaar voor PRO
Locatie Hoorn
Start datum Zo snel mogelijk
Eind datum 31 januari 2023
Aantal uur 32 uur
Soort contract ZZP inhuur contract, Payroll contract
Opleidingsniveau MBO
ZZP tarief € Marktconform per uur
Salaris Marktconform per maand
Branche FMCG

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Opdracht omschrijving

Curious about the administrative work of our HR department? Nice, we are curious about you

This is your daily work
For our international head office, we are looking for colleagues who can help take care of the personnel administration of the countries where we are now active in, namely: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy. Within our personnel administration we work with three teams, each of which is responsible for a part of the administration.

Hiring team: All new colleagues are processed through the hiring team. And we do that often and on a big scale, for example we hire hundreds of new employees & we approve hundreds of vacancies for all stores within Europe. You will start drawing up contracts, checking the information provided, and ensuring a good start. You understand, as a new employee that first impression is very important. How nice is it if you can play a part in that!

Time team: If you work as a colleague, it is important that your hours worked are correctly entered within the system and that everyone gets the right salary. The Time team takes care of this and also tackles subjects such as absenteeism registration. An accurate job that makes many people happy.

Mutation team: During an employment contract, all kinds of changes can take place, ranging from changing to a new position to a change of address. All these changes are processed and confirmed by us. In addition, we handle all kinds of requests and documents such as employer statements, work permits and declarations. Will you come and help us manage this behind the scenes?
We have room within the various teams, so we are especially curious about where your interests lie and how we can match these to our challenges.
Our work can be easily combined with, for example, school hours, sports clubs or power naps and we consult each other on working days. Remote working is one of the options, but we also think it's important that you feel part of our team. 


    Wat breng je mee?

    Helping your colleagues gives you energy and accurately performing the HR administration is a challenge that appeals to you. We have an international character, which means that you form an international team with your colleagues. It therefore helps if your command of English is sufficient. Furthermore, we believe that the following things will help you:

    • Completed MBO education, preferably in the direction of HR or administration
    • 0-3 years administrative experience
    • Excellent command of English and Slovak
    • Command of one of the following languages is an advantage: Dutch, German, Polish, Czech, Italian

    Graag ontvangen wij van jou het volledige CV omschreven in het NL of ENG en waaruit kennis/ervaring in bovenstaande blijkt, inclusief een motivatie en onderbouwing. 

    Geef ook in je CV het volgende aan:

    Datum beschikbaarheid;
    Hoeveel uur per week;
    Vakanties of belemmeringen;
    (concreet) Lopende sollicitaties/intakes;
    Uurtarief ex BTW, inclusief reis- en verblijfkosten of Salarisindicatie.

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