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Gepubliceerd op 26 oktober 2021
Reageren tot 28 oktober 2021
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Locatie Nederland
Start datum Zo snel mogelijk
Eind datum 14 november 2023
Aantal uur 36 uur
Soort contract ZZP inhuur contract, Detacheringscontract
Opleidingsniveau WO, HBO
Ervaringsniveau Senior
Verlenging Ja

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Opdracht omschrijving

Senior Process Safeguarding Review engineer for existing units with specific experience in definition and evaluation of relief scenario for pressure relief valves and actual safety valve sizing calculations for all identified relief scenarios. Job description Every unit has to be equipped with an up to date safeguarding memorandum (SGM). As part of a ‘periodic SGM review plan’, the current pressure safeguards and the units safeguarding documentation are reviewed. The task of the Senior Process Safeguarding Review engineer includes PRV sizing, updating and/ or drafting new SGMs, report any findings and initiate plantchanges and / or projects when deemed necessary from the review. The job also entails conducting peer reviews of such work. Qualifications Chemical engineering education, academic thinking and working level with experience in the industry, preferably obtained while working at engineering contractors in process safety design. Experience 10 years. “VCA-vol” qualification is a requirement before starting activities, in view of necessity to do site visits. Good working knowledge in both English and Dutch and fluent in one of those. Candidate needs to be available within two weeks after a successful interview. Engineering qualifications Able to write Safeguarding Memorandum using process engineering flow schemes, process control and safeguarding narratives. Proven experience having set-up SGM documentation from scratch. Able to review the quality and completeness of existing safeguarding memoranda. Able to pinpoint problem areas and find cost effective solutions.

Core activities

• Determine and validate failure scenarios and related load calculations.

• Safety valve sizing and selection for single and two phase flow scenarios.

• Pressure drop calculations over piping systems taking into account CV calculations, isometrics etc.

• Able to use process simulator ProII to perform flash calculations, and more complex simulations, when required for relief evaluations Having knowledge of applicable codes and standards (including API/RTOD/ASME/PED) in the petrochemical industry, knowledge specifically with the internal standard DEP and dedicated SNR guidance (BBS) would be an advantage. Proven experience on writing Safeguarding Memoranda. Additional experience in the determination of design temperature conditions would be desirable. Personal qualifications Confident process engineer with trust in own capacity, quality and process insight.

Able to determine fit for purpose solutions for (apparent) findings. Independent and pro-active process engineer, able to find his/her way in a complex refinery environment.

• Able to independently go into the plant to verify actual construction and line-up of process systems. Regular plant visits form integrated part of the role.

• Resilient and persistent with regards to obtaining process information from different sources in an environment governed by priorities.

Communicative skills for communication with Operations, Technology, Inspection, discipline engineering, and colleagues are essential for a successful execution of the job. Proficient and flexible with IT systems and software. Physical condition should be such that actual construction and line-up of the process systems can be verified and all visible and audible warning signals can be detected.

References: The Curriculum Vitae shall be clear in previous experience on process engineering, writing safeguarding memoranda and similar documentation.

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