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Interim Scrum master #KRTZ2992483

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Gepubliceerd op 30 april 2020
Reageren tot 30 april 2020
Reacties Zichtbaar voor PRO
Locatie Utrecht
Start datum Zo snel mogelijk
Aantal uur 36 uur
Soort contract Payroll contract
Opleidingsniveau HBO, WO
Branche Bank- | verzekeringswezen
Verlenging Ja

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Opdracht omschrijving

Within the Online cluster of Domain Distribution, we work following our own home grown Agile Scaling model, named Simply at Scale. Our scrum teams are called squads and each has its own purpose within specific area’s around Sites, Search and Bots; Platform; and Consumers & Freelancers. Within these area’s we are looking for a Senior Scrum Master with proven experience in Agile@Scale environments.

To strengthen our area in agile mindset we are looking for a self-motivated, skilled and experienced people coach. He or she will coach 2 or 3 of our scrum teams, coach scrum masters and to strengthen area rituals. Once familiar with the working environment we would like to see the candidate to work as a change agent to not only support the teams, but also help the organization achieve its Agility goals.

• Which results are achieved:
Coach two teams and bring them to a maturity level of a high performant team in 6 months. And work on building up an agile@scale environment together with other Scrum Masters

Must haves:
• At least certified as PSM I
• Knows the Scrum Guide by hard and understands the essence of it
• At least three earlier assignments for this role, with a total of at least 4 years experience
• Acts as an example in the role as servant leader
• Identify dysfunctions within the team and help resolve the same either by the team or by bringing it to the notification of leadership at the right time.
• Good communication skills, both written and oral, Native English and Dutch!
• Coaching and mentoring skills; focus on empathy and engagement
• Conflict resolution skills and proven track record of working with multi diverse teams
• Motivator and great at work ethics.
• Experience in working with multiple teams; facilitating scrum of scrums and its variations in teams
• Is able to conduct a training or workshop on related topics
• Understands the dynamics at scale and knows how to align teams and optimize communication
• Experience with the development of High Performing Teams
• Vast experience in working in different types and combination of scrum teams; being technology agnostic
• Experience working in distributed teams
• Strong QA knowledge
• Working in Banking sector

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