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Gepubliceerd op 23 mei 2018
Reageren tot 24 mei 2018
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Locatie Nederland
Start datum 28 mei 2018
Eind datum 28 mei 2019
Opleidingsniveau HBO
Ervaringsniveau Medior, Senior
Branche Gas | Energie | Water
Verlenging Onbekend

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Information regarding business & team    
You will be working for Onshore Business Excellence Document Management Department and supporting a Onshore Construction projects with their documentation in the Project. The business language is English, but since the project is in the Netherlands most of the communication with colleagues will be in Dutch. The location is Amsterdam, but there is a possibility to also work from home or (preferably) work 1-2 days on site. There will be a project meeting once a month with the project team.

Tasks & responsibilites    
•    SPOC for documentation
•    Receive, distribute and track documentation through DMS maintaining version control, meta data and system users
•    Complete regular checks to ensure that the Quality Assurance process is being followed (version control, documents authorised and signed, correct logo, layout, file-format etc)
•    Facilitate the development of document control work instructions and processes internally and for contractor and supplier document control
•    Maintains registers e.g. SDR, MDR, HoTo
•    Reports on progress of documents
•    Prepare close out documentation/reports in preparation for handover
•    Take an active part in the Document Control network and interface with other business functions 

Required experience / expertise
• Several years of Document Control in (Onshore) projects
• Strong Think Project DMS experience

Meritorious experience / expertise

• Think Project experience

Other personal characteristics beyond competences
• Dutch and English speaking

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