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Gepubliceerd op 5 maart 2018
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Locatie Nederland
Start datum 1 april 2018
Eind datum 1 november 2018
Opleidingsniveau HBO
Ervaringsniveau Medior, Senior
Branche Gas | Energie | Water
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During 2018, the organization will replace all HR paper forms and manual processes we have today, with smarter self-service solutions and common processes/solution for all countries. With aligned HR processes it will also be easier to work in a cross-border environment. All of this will be achieved in the solutions provided by a Business Process Outsourcing supplier for HR services. Therefore, many of the current HR content pages on the intranet needs to be re-written with new instructions on how to perform HR tasks in the new environment. The new HR pages will be part of the new external Portal.

•    Create and Re-write HR content pages according to the new processes and self-services. 
•    Align and re-view the new content pages with the HR process owners and project team. 
•    Tailor the content to the needs of the reader and make it easy to read on a website.) 
•    Optimize web content for search engines (leading to relevant search results) 
•    Improve content user experience and optimize content for the web and mobile devices 
•    Pro-actively manage time lines with stakeholders

•    Fluently speaking and writing in Dutch and ability to translate to/from English to Dutch (If having language skills for any of the languages Danish, Finish, French, Polish that is very much appreciated) 
•    Experience and knowledge about the HR area
•    Copywriter skills (in both Dutch and English- Some Dutch content will need to be translated to English) 
•    Skilled in and deep understanding of User Experience (Example: Create headlines based on what the user is looking for. 

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