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Gepubliceerd op 23 mei 2018
Reageren tot 24 mei 2018
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Locatie Nederland
Start datum 1 juni 2018
Eind datum 1 juli 2019
Opleidingsniveau HBO, Universitair | WO
Ervaringsniveau Medior, Senior
Branche Industrie
Verlenging Onbekend

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BackgroundThe Information Risk Management IT Delivery Team’s (DV IRM) aim is to deliver applications and new ways of working that enable implement its IRM strategy, and meet all legal requirements. We are currently running around 10 large projects.

We are currently looking for a Communications specialist to assist the Project and Change Managers with specific targeted communications for selected stakeholders. 

Responsibilities would include:
•    Assisting with the creation and formatting of internal and external communications, e.g. newsletters, webcasts webinars, handouts, posters, etc.
•    Formatting and reviewing team PowerPoint presentations
•    Assist with the organization, planning, content creation and delivering of events and initiatives
•    Assist in the creation of the newsletter- gathering content, writing stories, taking/formatting photos and video, gaining necessary approvals.
•    Assist in communication of strategies or messages to relevant stakeholders
•    Design and implement – supported by operational IT – mailboxes and other communications tools
•    Structure, organize and manage content in Sharepoint environments 

Skills required:
•    Proven experience as a Communications Specialist
•    Excellent communication (oral and written) and presentation skills. Native English speaker preferred.
•    Strong editing/formatting skills especially with PowerPoint.
•    Experience with newsletter creation and story writing.
•    Experience with photos and video creation and editing.
•    Experience with business change aspects of IT projects.
•    Keen eye for detail.
•    Working knowledge of Office 365 (including Sharepoint, Outlook, PowerPoint), photo- and video-editing software (preferred)
•    Outstanding organizational and planning abilities
•    Able to work independently 
•    Able to translate high level comms requirements to communication materials and action plans
•    Able to advice on communications methods
•    Knowledge of Information Risk Management (ideal)

Pls submit application English

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